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Janesville, a unit of Jason Incorporated, is committed to serving the global automotive and transportation industry by providing superior acoustical products, services and solutions.

Originally founded in 1874 to manufacture cotton rolls and batting for the furniture industry, Janesville shifted to the transportation market with the rise of mass-produced automobiles. Today, Janesville is one of the world’s largest producers of acoustical fiber insulation to a variety of automotive applications.

We operate as a Tier I and Tier II supplier to the automotive and transportation industry worldwide and lead the industry in fiber expertise and manufacturing capabilities. Janesville Acoustics sets the standard. Our quality, performance, and functionality benchmarks serve as the performance reference for fiber-based acoustical applications worldwide.

Janesville Acoustic

Janesville Acoustic

Industry Segments: Automotive, Transportation
Founded: 1874
Employees: 1,000+
Headquarters: Southfield, MI
Parent Company: Jason Incorporated, Milwaukee, WI

Jason Incorporated

Janesville Acoustics operates as a unit of
Jason Incorporated, located in Milwaukee, WI.