Collaborative Manufacturing

With the support of our parent company, Jason Incorporated, we embrace collaborative manufacturing. We realize the importance and benefit of working and collaborating with other Jason companies to learn and grow our businesses. Sharing ideas, knowledge and gaining insight help us to stay ahead of process and technology curves and deliver best-value solutions for our customers.

Working together to create solutions that change our industry.

Jason Business System

As a Jason Incorporated company, Janesville Acoustics employs the Jason Business System (JBS), a collaborative manufacturing strategy that emphasizes best-in-class performance, innovation, continual improvement, and ethics. Through the implementation of JBS principles and processes, Janesville Acoustics is positioned to deliver second-to-none solutions and unparalleled customer service and support.

Janesville Acoustics employs the key principles of the Jason Business System.


Jason Business System
Operational Excellence

Share expertise and best practices across businesses
Focus resources on key priorities through policy deployment
Prioritize enterprise-wide “Lean Culture”

Revenue Growth

Streamline innovation, proactively address customer needs
Grow organically through cross-selling and new product development
Leverage acquisition opportunities that add synergies and open new paths to growth


Be ethical – do the right thing, the right way
Deliver on commitments, consistently exceed customer expectations
Use company scale to attract top talent, reward well and fairly across all companies