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Patti Group is proud to have partnered with Jupiter Group/YFY in an effort to maximize our global arm for our customers that have packaging/P.O.P. needs in China. With this strategic move Patti Group is now a working partner with Asia's largest printer paper manufacturer. We have the option to design domestically and electronically send approved specs and files to our SCR team at Jupiter and be assured the design being manufactured is what the customer has approved. Or, we also have a state of the art design studio that will work directly with your China based manufacturers or assemblers to assure complete satisfaction. We are one of the few Asian based corrugators/printers that hold to a US standard for print and quality of paper materials for production. Setting this standard of quality dramatically improves the consistency of print quality and overall integrity of the packaging and display materials.
Our capabilities consist of:
Value added packaging
Commodity packaging
P.O.P. displays
Folding cartons
Corrugated materials
EPS foam, styrene, acrylic
Books, jewelry packaging
Warehousing & Fulfillment
Our plant locations:
Beijing, Tianjin
Qingdao, Yangzhou
Nanjing, Kunshan
Suzhou, Shanghai
Jaixing, Fuzhou
Xiamen, Guang Zhou
Dong Guan, Zhong Shan
Long An
Binh Tan, Taipei
Taoyuan, Hsinvvu
Yang-Mei, Chunan
Ching Shui, ChengKung
Chang Hua, Taitung
Kaohsiung, Chiutang